Roof structures

Flat roofs

Nordlat Bygg offers roofing of all types of flat roofs, both with PVC and bitumen-based products. We perform roofing on roofs of all sizes, from private homes to larger industrial projects.

Light roofs

Support structure of hot-dip galvanized thin profile in steel, where the lower flange absorbs tensile stresses in the section. Large savings in materials and time from foundation to ceiling. Minimizes the risk of added moisture during the construction period with the market's fastest roof system.

Spans: max. 18 m spans
Thermal: u-value from 0.08 W / m²K
Fire requirements: REI-90
Construction time: up to 1200 m² finished roof / day
Production capacity: 300,000 m² / year

Sandwich panel roofs

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Sandwich panel with membrane

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